Duval County Jail Inmate Search with Picture 2024

The Duval County Jail in Jacksonville, Florida maintains an online inmate search database where you can look up current and recent inmates.

The search allows you to find basic information about inmates including their name, age, race, gender, booking date, expected release date, and charges.

A useful feature of the Duval County Jail inmate search is that it includes booking photos for many of the inmates. This can help you confirm the identity of an inmate if you know what they look like.

To use the inmate search, simply go to the Duval County Sheriff’s Office website and click on the “Inmate Information Search” link.

You can then search by first or last name to pull up matches. If a booking photo is available, it will be displayed next to the inmate’s name and information.

The online inmate search makes it quick and easy to find information and photos of individuals who are currently or were recently booked into Duval County Jail.

Just remember that search results and photos are only available for inmates who are or were housed at this specific facility.

Duval County Jail Inmate Search with Picture

The primary way to search for current and recent Duval County Jail inmates is through the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office website.

The Sheriff’s Office runs the county detention facilities and provides an online inmate search database.

To begin searching for inmates

Go to the Duval County Sheriff’s Office website (www.jaxsheriff.org) and click on “Inmate Information Search” under the Information tab.

Duval County Jail Inmate Search

Duval County Jail Inmate Search

From here you can search the inmate records in a few different ways:

Duval County Jail Search by Name:

Duval County Jail Inmate Search with Picture

Duval County Jail Search by Name

To lookup an inmate by name, enter their first and/or last name into the search fields provided. You can enter a full name or just a partial name. search and it will return results based on matching names of current and recently released inmates.

Duval County Jail Search by Booking Number:

Every inmate booked into the county jail system is assigned a unique booking number. If you have the specific booking number for an inmate, this is the fastest way to lookup their information. Simply enter the booking number and hit search.

Duval County Jail Search by Booking Number

Duval County Jail Inmate Search with Picture

Browse All Current Duval County Jail Inmates:

You can also browse an alphabetical list of all current inmates in custody. Click on a letter to see the names of all inmates whose names begin with that letter. Then select an inmate name to view the full details.

Duval County Jail Inmate Search with Picture

If a booking photo is available for the inmate, it will be displayed as a thumbnail image next to their name in the search results.

Clicking on the thumbnail will open a larger version of the booking photo. Not all inmates will have booking photos available. Usually only more recent bookings will have photos posted. For older bookings, no photo may be available.

Information Shown in Duval County Inmate Search

When you lookup an inmate in the Duval County Sheriff’s online system, a wealth of information can be found, including:

  • Booking Photo – This will display the inmate’s mugshot photo along with their ID number, name, sex, race, date of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color and age.
  • Arrest Details – Details on the arrest include the booking date and time, status of the inmate, expected release date, all charges the inmate was arrested for, and the agency that made the arrest.
  • Current Location – Shows which Duval County Jail facility the inmate is currently located in and provides the address of that facility.
  • Bail/Bond Info – Displays the bail amount set and current bond status for the inmate.
  • Scheduled Release Date – If the inmate has a scheduled release date in the system, this will be shown.
  • Sentencing Details – Provides information on any sentencing details available, which may include prison ID if sentenced to state prison.

So in summary, the Duval County Sheriff’s inmate lookup provides the key details you need:

  • Mugshot photo
  • Criminal charges
  • Arresting agency
  • Bail and bond status
  • Location in the jail system
  • Expected release date

These records come directly from the Duval County Jail and sheriff’s office databases to provide the most up-to-date information available on inmates.

What If You Can’t Find an Inmate in Duval County?

If you search for an inmate in Duval County and cannot find any matches, there are a few possibilities:

  • The person may have been released already if arrested recently. The online system only shows current inmates and ones released in the past few days.
  • The arrest may have been made by another agency besides the Sheriff’s Office. Duval County holds inmates arrested by various law enforcement agencies. But if arrested by another jurisdiction, they may be held at that city or county’s jail facility instead.
  • The inmate could be being housed outside of Duval County. On occasion, inmates may be transferred to other nearby county jails or state prisons if overcrowding occurs or for other reasons.
  • The inmate’s information may not have been fully entered into the system yet if they were recently booked. There can be a delay between when an arrest occurs and when the person is processed and added to the online database.

If you believe someone was recently arrested in Duval County but can’t find them in the inmate search, try checking again in a day or two to see if their information has been added. You can also call the Duval County Jail to inquire about a specific person.

Can You Lookup Previous Duval County Jail Inmates?

The Duval County jail website only shows current inmates. It does not have records for people released earlier. But you can still find information on old arrests and jail stays in Duval County. Here’s how:

First, check the Clerk of Court website. Search for the person’s name. This can show you past mugshots and criminal cases from Duval County.

Also lookup Department of Corrections records. This covers state prisons. It will show if someone went to prison after the county jail.

Another option is to contact the Sheriff’s Office. Ask them for help finding old inmate records that are not active now.

Even if someone is not in the current jail system, you can dig up their past booking details. Look at court records, prisons records, and contact the Sheriff for assistance. This will help you find previous Duval County jail information.

Can You Get Duval County Jail Records on a Specific Person?

Want to lookup all records for one person from Duval County jails? There are a few options:

  • First, search court records. Look for any past cases and outcomes in Duval County courts.
  • Also search state records. Lookup their full criminal history in Florida’s offender database.
  • You can get a complete background check on the person. This will show all arrests statewide.
  • If they did prison time, check Department of Corrections records.
  • Finally, ask the Sheriff’s Office for help. They may have more records not online.

How Many Inmates are in Duval County Jail

Duval County, Florida manages three main jails – the primary Duval County Jail, the Pre-Trial Detention Facility, and the Montgomery Correctional Center.

The combined maximum capacity of these three facilities is over 4,000 inmates. On an average day, around 4,000 individuals are incarcerated across these three jails, meaning they operate near full capacity daily.

This daily census of 4,000 inmates includes those awaiting trial who cannot post bail, as well as those convicted of crimes serving short county jail sentences.

The specific individuals housed change day-to-day, as new arrests occur, some make bail, and others complete their jail terms.

Duval County Sheriff’s Office Contact Information

Jail Facility Address Phone
Duval County Pre-Trial Detention Facility 500 East Adams Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 (904) 630-5759
Duval County Community Transition Center 451 Catherine Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 (904) 630-2856
Duval County Montgomery Correctional Center 4727 Lannie Road, Jacksonville, FL 32218 (904) 766-5076


The Duval County Sheriff’s Office provides a valuable online jail inmate search database for the public to look up information on current and recently released detainees. Searching by name or booking number can find mugshots, criminal charges, bail status, expected release date, and other details.

Questions and answers

How do I find someone in Duval County Jail?

You can search for current Duval County Jail inmates on the Sheriff’s Office website by name, booking number, or browse alphabetically.

Is there a free Duval County inmate search?

Yes, the Sheriff’s Office provides free online inmate lookups at jaxsheriff.org.

Where do you find mugshots for Duval County?

Mugshots can be found on the Sheriff’s inmate search site and some third-party mugshot sites. Local news may also publish high-profile mugshots.

What jails are in Duval County?

Main jails are Duval County Jail, Montgomery Correctional Center, Jacksonville Detention Center, and Pretrial Detention Facility.

Who runs the jails in Duval County?

Duval County jails are operated by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Where are Duval County arrest records?

Arrest records can be found on Clerk of Court websites and through state criminal record databases.

How do I find old mugshots in Duval County Florida?

Search Clerk of Court records online for old Duval County mugshots related to criminal cases and arrests.

How do I find active warrants in Duval County?

Check the Sheriff’s Office website, which provides an online search for current outstanding Duval County warrants.

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